Sunday, 29 May 2016

Why I Blog...

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to you all, I'm glad to say that my exams are finally over therefore I am back to post on here as and when ideas come into my head. Recently I have become involved in a campaign for blogging about self confidence and the issues teenagers have to deal with it, and one of the things they wanted me to write about was how I began blogging and how it helped with my confidence issues. Therefore I am here today to write about that. I will make sure to link you all to my project when it is up and running!

I also intend to write about my adventures in Australia during the Easter, so look out for those soon!

This is me. Many of you have been following me since I started this blog in April 2012, and I just want to tell you all I have grown so much from the experiences blogging has been able to give me. So why did I start blogging? The simple answer to that is because of my incredibly low self esteem. I am not afraid to be open on my blog as I know it is a place where I feel safe to share my thoughts and feelings. I was bullied from the minute I began in primary school, to about year 9 in school, and it was not just your average hair pulling and the occasional rude name calling. I was told that I was too thin, with many people calling me anorexic and making fun of me, spreading rumours that I didn't eat. I had people telling me they'd rather have me dead than be friends with me, and also many remarks on my facial features, with boys acting 'repulsed' by me which made me extremely self conscious from a young age. It madea me look at my body in ways a child should not feel the need to. I would look in the mirror and wish I could put on weight and be a bit bigger, and as I did begin to develop a lot more, the issue then came of people making fun of me as I wasn't 'developed' enough (you all probably know what I mean). I found it incredibly embarassing that all my friends were getting taller, developing physically and gaining new friends, whilst I was not doing this at all. 

I felt like an outsider from a young age, a feeling most people experience in their life, but it didn't go away. To this day I still feel it. I felt like I couldn't talk to people as they wouldn't be interested in what I had to say, and made friends with the youtubers that I watched religiously like Sprinkle Of Glitter and Zoella (who weren't as huge back then) , and dreamed of being like them. One day I saw a video of them discussing their blogs, and I thought that this would be a great way to be able to write about what I was genuinely interested in. 

It began as a hobby, something that I would escape to often because reality was unappealing to me, however people slowly began to read, and soon I had several people writing back to me applauding the fact that I was so young however mature in the way I wrote. This then gave me a lot of more self confidence and it gradually built itself up from there. I actually met one of my best friends whilst blogging on here called Tolly, who I have mentioned several times in my previous posts. It gave me the ability to become more confident and prepared to talk to people and strike up a conversation, something I was previously completely unable to do. It also helped me make friends as people found it a very interesting hobby, and would ask me about the experiences I had because of my blog. Therefore through my creativity, I was able to find something that could improve my self confidence, but could also help me have a lot of fun doing so, and now I'll always be proud to put on future applications that I am a blogger, as people are always intrigued by the title.

So therefore I hope everyone finds something in their lives that they are passionate in, in order for you to build on your self esteem and to be able to go out there and conquer the world. Don't ever feel like you aren't worth anything because others have told you that you are, and always believe that you can make a change for the better, and be as successful and confident as you want to be.

and I will talk to you all very soon. love

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

New Things...

Hello Everyone!
It's been a while. I privated this blog a while ago because of stress, exams, general things that were stopping myself from being able to blog freely and happily. However, I'm back now and will be able to blog better than ever after the 26th of May. 

I also decided that in order for me to be able to enjoy blogging again I would have to make sure that there were no restrictions for me. Therefore, this blog has now branched out into every possible topic. I want to be able to talk about whatever I fancy, and to do this I'm going to bring you exciting topics and things that are much different from things I have done in the past. 

Therefore stay tuned, I love you and have missed you all very much. See you soon with so much exciting stuff to come! Bye for now, 

Friday, 20 February 2015

Spotlight on: New York Fashion Week

Hi Everyone!
So New York Fashion Week has ended *cries*, but no worries, we still have more left, but that does not mean that New York's fashion week was not something to gasp at. This year, I kept quite a close eye on the fashion shows, making sure I wrote down which collections I really loved. One of the ways I was kept in the know was with the Snapchat story, where I could look at live pictures coming in from different shows, it was really cool and there were a lot of familiar faces included like Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid. Don't worry I'm not being payed to mention Snapchat, but it is quite good with things like this, and I hope they make a story like they did for NYFW with LFW.  I was really sad because I was actually invited to quite a lot of shows during the week for the second year in a row, but since I've had to deal with school work as usual *rolls eyes* and family stuff my schedule was just packed with everything except fashion events, but I will make sure I keep close eyes on the shows this week through livestreams and social media!

So today I'd just love to show you some of my fave collections that were featured at New York Fashion Week. Not all of my faves are because of the actual fashion bizarrely, with some of the collections I really loved the make up looks, but wasn't really keen on the clothes. 
So the first show I want to talk about is Jeremy Scott's. I discovered this show whilst on instagram and I saw the MAC team post a photo of these insane eyeshadow looks with their makeup, where it was just matte neon colours on the models eyelids. That really intrigued me so I looked it up and it was Jeremy Scott's show. I think I definitely have mixed feelings about this collection since I am insanely in love with Scott's use of block colours in the makeup looks, and tights, since I think it represents the child like vibes of his entire collection, since he also used nursery style fabrics and little silvery white dolly shoes with all looks. 
I was also obsessed with the black wigs and paint splats on top of them. To me, I thought it was a simple yet genius look to compliment his already very unique styles. Would I wear this out on the street? I think I actually probably would, I really love what he's done and although it is a marmite kind of collection, I really liked it and thought it stood out for me, from all the others as the most unique and colourful collection from what I've seen. 
I felt like he also had some similarities with one of my other favourite designers who always uses bizarre patterns and powerful colours, and that is Henry Holland. Holland, like Scott loves to incorporate childhood styled looks but still makes it look cool, and I think that's why I liked Scott's collection that much.
The second collection I really fell in love with was Marchesa's. When I saw this I immediately thought that they were channeling Daisy from The Great Gatsby. Not a lot of you know this about me, but one of my fave style era's was the '20's, and whenever I see anything that has used similar styles to that era, you can guarantee I will judge it. I really liked Marchesa's mix of warm and cool tones with the outfits, and I also loved how they kept with the same black strappy heels, red lips, and a lot of them had statement earrings. The collection also reminded me of Downton Abbey, since there was also a very regal kind of vibe being given off with some of the outfits. I also loved how the classic styles were given a more modern twist by using fringing in a lot of it's clothes (for example, top right) 
I dont think I can really find a flaw with this collection, every single look was flawless, and my two favourite pictured above, weren't even the most glamorous looking of them all. I really liked this pale blue dress and the look overall, as it reminded me of Cinderella (which is coming out soon in cinemas, so excited!) I don't know it's just so girly, almost dream like. As for the second look, you all know by now that my favourite colour is purple, and this dress sums up why. This plum look is gorgeous, and even though it isn't flowy, it still has a regal vibe with it's darker tones, and the should pads with flared make it even more edgier, I might have pictured it with a leather jacket, thinking that would be perfect for me (if I was rich, cries).
My final favourite was a bit of a hit and miss, it wasn't the best show but it wasn't the worst. Anna Sui's show was apparently influenced by Scandinavia, Vikings, and folky prints. I definitely feel like she kept to that well, and the boots that were used in a lot of the looks represented a very folky, autumnal look. The makeup was simple but I really liked how they made sure to define the cheekbones with bronzer, and used nude lips for a lot of it. These were by far my favourite looks (pictured above) and I really love how none of it is really fitted, it gives it a much more bohemian look.
Sui also used a lot of mixing and matching different patterns, and with some looks it may have been a little out there, but with a lot of it the patterns clashed in a good way. Sui also used a lot of paisley/flowery prints, and as I'm a huge fan of that kind of stuff, I think it made the collection stand out and appeal to me a lot more than it may have to others who may have thought it was just a bit too quirky for their liking. 

So what did you guys think of New York Fashion Week? I'd love to hear about your favourite looks and shows, or maybe the ones you just thought were awful! Let me know in the comments and thanks so much for reading, 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

'Flaws' in Fashion

Hello Everyone!
It's been a while. I could give you a list of excuses on how and why I managed to not blog for three months, but I think the best thing to do is reintroduce myself. During the last couple of exams I've been thinking towards the future, and it's definitely scary. You wake up one day, and suddenly your high school years are almost over and you actually have to plan for the future. When I was younger I would always love to do that, think of where I'd live, which celebrity I'd marry, all these ridiculous thing that a little girl thinks. But the truth is I think, to every teenager who's at the same time of their life as me, it's scary. My teachers try and make me not think about it but they're slowly preparing us all for the future, and I think that's why I'm scared a little bit. I'm scared of that final day when I don't have the protection of my teachers, and I actually have to go out into the world and make new decisions. Everyone who's older than me reading this will surely understand how I feel, but it's also quite exciting, and the other half of me can't wait to see what my future is going to be like. 

But anyway, let's end that dramatic talk before we all grab tissues and watch romantic comedies all day. I'm back! I'm genuinely so happy, when I'm not blogging I feel like a piece of me isn't there, but recently I was inspired to write about something in the fashion industry that has really caught my eye, and those are actually two seperate stories. The main topic of my article today will be the usual things we don't see in the fashion industry, which are 'flaws'. Flaws can be defined in different ways, seen by different people, but first, to understand flaws, we need to actually know what the word means. 

A feature that mars the perfection of something. A crack, a break or a breach. Imperfection.

So basically. It's something that fractures someone's beauty, and makes them imperfect. Back to the stories I will be talking about. The first topic I will discuss is the first ever woman with down syndrome to walk a catwalk at New York Fashion Week. That woman was 30 year old actress Jamie Brewer, and she walked the catwalk because of the 'Role models not Runway Models' campaign.

Photo courtesy of www,

When I saw this had actually happened I was so overwhelmed with happiness. During last July, I had the opportunity to work with people who had physical disabilities in their work enviroments, and it made me realise that even though they may be disabled in something, people with disabilities are capable to live a normal life, and do things such as have a job, relationship, and aspirations. Sometimes I feel that people don't find people who have down syndrome beautiful, when in fact everyone is beautiful!

Jamie truly rocked that runway, and I think many people were shocked that a person with a disability in fact was walking, which brings me back to 'Flaws' in fashion. Flaws are a taboo subject in fashion, and people believe that models always look like they do in magazine advertisements, when in actual fact, they all are airbrushed, and everyone has 'Flaws'. The point of this article is to say that everyone has flaws, and my attitude isn't that 'no one has flaws and everyone is beautiful', but actually, everyone has flaws, and everyone is beautiful! Flaws are the foundation of our beings, and it's what makes us different, so everyone should rock it!

The second person I want to talk about today is Cindy Crawford. Cindy Crawford is a mother of two, and is 48 years old. She is an infamous model, and that led to her having a successful career in television an film, and also as a spokesperson. Crawford is a fashion icon, and she is such a huge superstar, that everyone recognises her face.
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Recently, this photo of her was leaked online, showing her with cellulite and stretch marks, unairbrushed. The photo went viral, and everyone who was anyone was commenting on it. But seeing this didn't make me grossed out or uncomfortable, it made me happy! Crawford is approaching fifty, and having had two children she was bound to have stretch marks and cellulite, as all real women do! She is happy with her figure, and I think that's what we need to focus on. If Crawford looks beautiful with flaws, then I'm sure that all mothers look beautiful with their flaws.

So to end this article I just want to say that these two stories that have appeared within weeks of each other have definitely had an effect on the fashion industry for the better, as it shows that people are changing their perception of beauty, as they see that real women are just as beautiful as models.

Thanks for reading, and what do you think of these leaked images and Jamie Brewer?