Friday, 27 April 2012

Ballet Flats, My Favorites !

I love ballet flats, and I always wear them for occasions where you don't want to wear heels, or any fancy shoes! So yeah, there is nothing really else to say apart from they come in a range of colors, and also they come in all sizes and don't hurt your feet/back !x
These shoes are from ASOS and I think they are the cutest things on earth. 
As you can see they are beige with white butterflies. I wear black ones from ASOS too school because they are very formal but add a bit of a girly touch with the ribbon on the front to tie the shoes together.
I like these and think they would be perfect with a floral dress, and an up-do with your hair. These are also from ASOS and I love the way they looked like they have been weaved inside and out. Definitely worth the buy and try ! It would be a lovely accomplice to any outfit!
These are a more of a girly touch to these pale pink. It is definitely a very nice shoe to add to jeans or maybe even a dress to make it even MORE girly !x These are also from, guess where, ASOS !

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