Saturday, 14 April 2012

Best Friend Tag !x

Hi Everyone,
Here's the questions and answers.
(Nicely Answered by Cyd & Anna)
Enjoy !x
How and when did you meet ?:
Anna: When our parents met in work.
What's your favorite memory together?:
Cyd : It would probably be where we made and act and showed it to our Mum's when we were younger.
Describe each other in one word?:
Anna: Different
Cyd: Fashionable!
What's your dream job:
What's your favorite Make-up shop ?
Cyd: Harper's bizarre!
Anna: Rimmel London !
What annoys you about your best friend?
Anna: When I have sleepovers with her, she farts in my face !
Cyd: Well you snore really loudly !
Where would you go on holiday and why?
Both : DUBAI !
Anna: Because Cyd's cousin works there and she'll take us to a fashion show!
Who takes longer to get ready in the morning ?
Cyd: Anna !
Favorite Season:
Cyd: Spring
Anna : Summer/Winter
Favorite Song:
Cyd: Rizzle Kicks - Mamma do the hump !
Anna: Gotye - Somebody that I used to know
How weird is it to have a best friend obsessed with blogspot?:
Cyd: Very, but I'm gonna make one but it's fine.
Heels or flats?:
Anna: Flats
Cyd: Wedges !
Pants or dresses?:
Anna: Dresses
Cyd: Pants
Favorite Animal:
Cyd: Monkeys cus their funny !
Anna: Guinea Pigs! They're so cute!
If you could rescue something if your house was burning down and your family were safe what would it be?
Anna: My scrapbooks because they have a lot of precious memories in them !
Cyd: My baby book and my childhood teddy.
Comedy, Horror, or Chickflick, Other?
Anna: Comedy 
Cyd: Other (Sad movies that make me wanna cry!)
Blackberry or Iphone?:
Anna: Iphone
Cyd: Iphone !
Favorite Movie:
Cyd: The parent trap
Anna: Confessions of a shopaholic
What is something weird that you eat?:
Anna: Mash Potato with Ketchup!
Cyd : Ewwwww..... Pancakes and tomato sauce for me !
Do you guys have anything matching?:
Both: SOCKS !
Favorite Tv Show:
Anna: Two and a half men 
Cyd: The Voice UK 

Thanks for reading !x

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