Saturday, 28 April 2012

Brooches !

Hi Everyone, I love brooches because they are small but they sometimes just add that little bit of color that you need. They can be very glamorous of course but also just a casual thing, it just depends on what you fancy really! There are a lot of tribal brooches at the moment so look around for them and you might find some in this post !
A bit of a vintage touch will always do your wardrobe good.
From 'Her curious nature'.
I love this tatty sort of  brooch. Love it !
This was what I was talking about. It's lovely, a tribal sensational brooch ! This one is in the sale, and oh my gosh! It is down from £12.50 to £2.50 which is an astonishing £10 0ff! I seriously am in love with this right now !

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