Sunday, 15 April 2012

Charlie Perfumes : My Faves

Hi. I love these charlie's because they smell gorgeous and are as cheap as , ummmmm ..... anything ! When I don't have time to find my other bottled perfumes then I just spray on some of charlie and out the door I go !
I know us ladies like the finer things in life but what the hell eh ?I highly recommend them for travelling aswell!
So sit down and relax ladies, because I'm about to drop some reviews !

Review: This is a rosy kind of scent I suppose with a hint of Jasmine. It's hard to explain this scent but it is sexy enough to spray on for a night with the girls and is a fun scent for all occasions when you need to make an impact !

A more night time nature scent with this one because it has a kind of dark secretive scent that you'd expect a younger woman to wear.

This is a really girly scent with Jasmine and pineapple it's a really citrusy scent. I think this is made of orange and pineapple mostly because it's such a strong scent.

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