Friday, 13 April 2012

Dry Shampoo: Which Batiste is the best?

I love Dry Shampoo and it makes my hair look amazing if I've forgotten to wash my hair, My personal favorite is Batiste but there are so many varieties! So I put two of the more popular Batiste's to the test...
Batiste Blush:
This does wonders to any woman's hair because I have very thick hair and it just looks horrible when  it's greasy and I don't have to use that much of this to make my hair look as it should be. It also adds some shine aswell as an amazing scent that can be mistaken for perfume!

Batiste Original:
I also loved this Dry shampoo but there was a few things I personally didn't like about it. It leaves white marks in your hair, which a woman doesn't need when she needs to brush her hair quickly to get out the door. Also it doesn't work as well as the others in my case, because I used this a lot and then it suddenly just didn't work for me, I guess it got used to my scalp and just worked less and less, but remember this is only in my case and it might work better on other scalps. It doesn't have a smell as nice as the others as well.

For a cheaper option I suggest you try some own brands, I think this works very well as
a dry shampoo very well. This one is 'Away with the fairies' by Superdrug.
THIS IS £1.99.

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