Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Florals !

I thought since it's spring and were having good weather, well over here we have anyway!
Florals are truly in right now and look great with a signature denim jacket so here you go!
This washed out look blouse would be great with some jeggings or jeans, a leather tanned satchel, and some flats. This stylish blouse is from Rare at an astonishing bargain at £29.00.

This maxi dress is good for all figures, because it's long and flowy, it doesn't concentrate on showing every nook and cranny. I love this dress because you can accessorize this in many different ways for spring and summer adding or subtracting layers from/onto this dress. This dress is £62.00 from again RARE.

I love this top because I have two ideas
for how to design the outfit. My first is
with a tight zip up skirt with some gladiator sandals. Or with some simple jeans. This is about £28 from TOPSHOP but they might have a sale soon.

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