Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Go old-school with peplum !

I was watching a video on youtube about peplum and thought I'd show you some lovely pieces of peplum, You guys are sweet enough for it anyway ! Love you all my lovely blogsters!x
My source: Electra Loves: Peplum
This is an office suitable skirt if you've got the curves to work it girls ! TOPSHOP is where this is from ladies.
Peplum is all about the sexy secretary look ! This is from Dorothy Perkins.
This is more of a dinner party styled dress. Hope you like the red, I know I do ! This is from ASOS.
This is a casual look. I love the birds and the bright colors, deffo a need for your spring wardrobe. Maybe with some denim jean and wedges? I don't know, you can decide !x But if you would like a less colorful option there is one in grey too. This is from Dorothy Perkins.

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