Sunday, 29 April 2012

Colored Denim!

I love colored denim because they are usually pastels, and I love pastels ! They are just so easy to style and you can wear them for all seasons, as long as you layer up for winter! I'll show you some of the colorful ones. So hope you enjoy my little blogsters! Most of these are TOPSHOP because this particular store has a wide range of colored denim at the moment, so I highly recommend this shop if your looking for colored/patterned denim!
These are lovely for people who don't want to much color in there outfit since these are pretty neutral to wear on holiday! These are from TOSHOP.
These are just plain white sailor shorts with 3 buttons. These are perfect for a bright and sunny day on holiday in Greece when you are walking a lot, because denim is VERY comfortable for walking in! Except in the rain, because it clings on to you and starts to hurt! These short are from OASIS.
These lovely bright cycling shorts are just down right lovely in color and in the style of them, They aren't normal trousers or shorts, they are 3/4 trousers which means they are just above/below the knee. These ones are also from TOPSHOP.
Citrus will do you good dear!
These bright citrus jeans are from New Look.
These are lovely and minty! 
River Island.

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