Thursday, 26 April 2012

Inspired Outfit : Alexandra Burke !

I love Alexandra Burke's new music video 'let it go' so much I'd thought I could do a inspiration outfit ! Because in her video she has two outfits, One sort of catsuit with gold, and then another purple dress. I think it would be best for me to do the gold outfit. So here's my take on it !x Here's how you can look like Alexandra Burke for a minimal price!
I love this top because it's got the same gold as the jacket that Alexandra wears in the video.
Although it's a bit pricy, I love it ! From LIPSY !
This jeans are a DESIGNER ALERT !
Because they are from Ralph Lauren Jeans and are if I think back correctly, £65. And yes I know that's steep for a pair of jeans, but I have heard that these jeans last ages and don't ruin easy! I hope you like these ! They were on sale from £100+ pounds. So I think that's a bargain !x
These are the best peep toes in the new look range personally to me, And I just love them, NewLook are famous for having inexpensive shoes and they were right, very nice !
Definitely worth the money I think !x

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