Thursday, 19 April 2012

Maxi Skirts

I love maxi skirts and how they flow after where you walk and stuff.
So these are the best maxi skirts in my opinion that I have tracked down and, well I hope you enjoy this !
There are lots of varieties so I will hope to give you a taste of the many kinds of maxi's available.
Please note these colors are for spring which I have picked especially.
Pleated cream maxi : Love
Split side coral maxi: Miss Selfridge
Mesh and lace maxi: ASOS
Lilac pleated maxi: Sodamix

   I love all of these colors because this season is all about brights. Maxi skirts are just the right thing because they are light and fluffy because it just makes my day brighter if I'm wearing something floaty and innocent in the morning because it makes me feel very relaxed and gentle so if you are like me then maxi skirts are the way for you !

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