Saturday, 21 April 2012

My new revlon lip color : Your decision !

I have chosen 4 shades because to be honest my other color, candy apple was to dark so I gave it to a friend, and decided I'd get a lighter shade, I will also do a review on that lighter color. And yes I do recall doing a worth the money ? review but I didn't really state what it did with my lips, and the twist is... you get to choose what color for me to get. The poll finishes on Sunday at 4:00pm British time. Just comment on this blog post or tweet me at @AnnaBlogster. This is open to everyone! So here's the colors !xxxxx

 sugar frosting                                                                            creme brulee

sweet tart                                                                                  cotton candy

Or the bottom shades are the wrong way round, I couldn't really tell but I know they are all amazing since I've swatched them all on my hands.

So what are you waiting for ? VOTE !

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