Monday, 23 April 2012

Playsuits !

Playsuits are very in right now with people using their lovely figures as a plus because you can never go wrong with a playsuit ! I just love them because they compliment your figure very well ! So I do so hope you enjoy this post and well let's crack on shall we ??x
A glamorous piece, good for any shape and with some heels.
This is from New Look.
These are quite easy and casual. And basically you can style it MANY ways although I am sure you can get 
it cheaper than this. £20 from MISO.
This is a very flowy and springish number which I would think a younger woman would wear just on holiday 
or something. Dorothy Perkins is where this is from.
This is lovely and very summery and I would like it if you could all take a look at a little shop called
'A postcard from Brighton' It's a bit on the pricey side with some items, but it is absolutely lovely !x Very much worth the look. At the moment I've got my Eye on one of the Knitted cardi.

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