Sunday, 15 April 2012

Pleats !

Hi Everyone, Just to say first I changed a couple of things on here to make it easier to read so hope you like it ! And I've noticed that a lot of people are wearing pleats right now, so I'm gonna show you some highstreet  pleat styled pieces to show you if you like them or not !
I haven't done a fashion post in well about 4 posts so this one's especially for you guys !

This dress is from Chloe 
for £370 but on Style Compare
it is £111 pounds.

This pleated white skirt is amazing and do not be fooled by the picture, I have to admit it doesn't give it justice with the all stars.This skirt is £38 from ASOS.

This tangerine pleated skirt is a maxi skirt and is absolutely gorgeous with wedges and peter pan collars maybe? Depending on how you want to style it, it looks quite hard to co-operate with, but is actually quite easy!
This skirt is £50 from TOPSHOP.

The next item is a lovely piece and is a midi skirt which would be lovely with maybe a tucked in top or chunky jumper maybe. This coral color is gorgeous when you see it. Definitely worth the £50 from Great Plains.                         


This is a lovely curved blouse and plus I love the little peter pan collar! I don't know what to call the type of sleeves, maybe puffy, or curvy? I don't know! I love this color and  it's lovely and light and even though this has long sleeves I do recommend to wear this for the Summer, just because it's so light and I'd hate you all to be cold!

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