Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Revlon lip butters : Worth the money ?

Hi !
I just thought since everyone is going crazy over these lip butters I should do a review !
To start off this is a lip butter  but can be used as a lipstick if you choose the right shade. In this case I chose to pick up the color Candy Apple. This was a great color because with a bit of gloss on top it acted as a balm and lipstick. This colour was a very good buy in my view.

But it is very pricey for balms in my view £8.00 is a lot, but you do get color as well in SOME colors, darker ones to be precise.
                                                                 Overall this is probably a good buy for most people and I recommend this if you have the money and like creamy not jelly-like color balms.

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