Friday, 13 April 2012

The Sibling Tag !x

My brother wanted to do a tag with me so I chose this one. Enjoy!x
Who is the oldest? 
Anna : I'm the eldest by 4 1/2 years 
What is your favorite memory?
James :We have loads, it's usually Anna who does stupid stuff!
Anna : That is not true!
James : You cycled into the school when you were learning to ride your bike!
Anna : It really hurt though!
Do you have any step siblings?
Anna : No we don't.
What is your most memorable argument?
James : We have loads !
Anna : But probably the worst one was when you wrote on my wall!
James : That was funny!
Do you have Nicknames for each other?
James: Yours is either Anna Bach (Which means little Anna in welsh, I'm welsh  ) or Anna Banana.
Anna : Jamesy !
Name something you have in common?
James : We both like playing the Xbox!
Anna : I guess so ...
Name something you like to do together?
James : We like watching TV
Anna : We like riding on our bikes together
How do you annoy each other?
James : Steal and hide her stuff 
Anna :  Play on his Xbox games!
Are you close?
James : DEFFO !
Anna : Yes!

Thanks for reading !:)

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