Tuesday, 24 April 2012

TOPSHOP : Prom !x

There is a new collection in TOPSHOP called 'prom queen dreams' I love it because it has loads of lovely dresses for prom. And I will show you the best in my opinion! It's a time to express yourself and find the princess inside of you, with an added bit of sparkle too !x
A sexy number for a sexy prom queen, I love this because it shows a bit, but not too much. This is lot under the price range of us promers. It's under £100 which is good for some of us !
This is a bit more girly and floaty than the last. It's a nude pink and I'd love to wear it if we had prom over here in the U.K, well it's not in a lot of schools anyway. I would have some the girly stuff to go with it.
This is lovely but might be a bit flashy for some people. It's bejewled! How could you not love it ?! Well anyway, clutches, and loads of things it's just one of those dresses!

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