Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Dr.Martens: My favorites !

Hello my little blogsters !
Thought you might like this everyone ! My friend wears Dr.Martens and I must say, they are not my favorite type of shoes but I personally do like SOME of them, so you know me ! I blog about these things. It's nice to just get ideas out of your head and into something that people can help you with, give you ideas and such. So I would like to keep on doing this so brace yourselves ! Because you are going to see me a bit more often.Now brace yourselves, they are not cheap! They are £90+ on the official site I believe. I guess I'll just give you the pricing and what type it is ...
£115 (GASP)
But I think they are worth it !
The style is Re-invented.
These are in the sale for
£48.00 and I believe the type is called 'Mona Sandal'.
These are also in the sale for £96.00.
And I think they are called Leanne Boot.

If you want me to do a 'the gems in the dr.martens sale' just tweet me x

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