Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Duffle Bags !

Why hello everyone !x
I thought today, why not make a post about duffle bags? I personally like them so much because they look small, but are MASSIVE on the inside! My friend can fit 2 big folders and about 5 books, a make-up bag, and a pencil case ! Crazy right? Well enough of my jibber jabber! Enjoy the post my little blogsters xx
This bag is a bargain! 
You'd think it was over £20 wouldn't you? But no ! It's not. It's £15 ON SALE in your local Wallis ! Now Wallis is not really my kind of shop to go to, since it tends to have clothes for older generations, and since I'm not of that age group yet, I don't go. But they have some nice accessories so if you want to look at that then feel free !
This little stunner is not REALLY a duffle bag, but it's a duffle styled bag. I do recommend this for a carry on bag at an airport, since it is very spacious and quite neutral to pair with. This particular little stunner is from Dorothy Perkins for £39. Quite pricey, but worth it !
This is a nice neutral bag if you don't want to go all extravagant with your bag. This one is from accessorize so please have a look at their bags, they can be a bit pricey, but they do have some lovely things ! This bag is £23 in the sale ! 

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