Sunday, 6 May 2012

Flip Flops & Espadrilles !

Flip flops & Espadrilles are easy because you can just wear them without anything like sock and such and it doesn't give you any blisters or anything ! The only trouble is, depending on the fabric, If they get in contact with water, the pattern can fade, so I would avoid playing in the water with them on if I were you ...
These are from superdry, and are cheaper than some other flip flops for about £15.
They come in lots of colors too like Pink, Green, Black, and loads more...
These are from Kurt Geiger for £50! But If you look below you will see some from ASOS. They are £42 pounds cheaper and looks exactly the same! Well, the stripes are thinner and lighter, but are both really nice and you can choose which ones you prefer !x
And to finish off this post my personal favorite!
These are from Soludos for £25.00!

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