Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Fragrances for spring ....x

Hello my little blogsters !
Nice to hear from you all ! You are all supportive x So since I've thought of doing a fragrance post for a while and thought that this was a nice thing to do. If you need to stock up on some really nice fragrances then here you shall look no further ! These have been handpicked by me & my mum when we went to Debenhams, Boots ... So sit down, get yourself a cup of tea, and read this post ! We only chose 2 so the first will be my choice and the second is the one that my mum picked, I like her helping me with stuff like this because she likes perfume and make-up and often wears clinique and clarins .
This is the nicest fragrance I've smelt so far ! So I thought I would put the nicest first ! I like the fragrance because it's very fresh and you can wear it for almost anything ! here are some suggestions ! I found this in Boots I think for about £45, but you can find this in many stores !

  • Party
  • Night out
  • Wedding
So this is my mum's choice, and she likes this so much she's asked for it for her
birthday ! Mum said this was very classic and a nice grown up scent for any 
woman that is destined to impress ! Mum said she would wear this for a 
meeting, or a work do. Mum likes this because the scent is just the right scale
of ingredients and they all mix together to make one special thing !

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