Saturday, 19 May 2012

Haul : River Island, Primark, etc... !x

Hello my little blogsters !
so as you all know I went shopping today with my friend Ceri, we had fun and spent the whole day looking for stuff ! I also went to Home Sense and tried to get some stuff for the house, but I'm quite picky really about stuff like that and ended up just getting a candle, which I am burning right next to me now ! I also went with her sister who is so amazing with fashion might I ask, so shout-out to you+Ceri ! She recently just got her prom dress and it's vintage, she buys everything vintage ! I love them so much ! Anyway enough of my jibber-jabber let's get on with the post !
These are from NewLook ! I think they were in the sale but I am not sure so please feel free to check that out and I am a size 6-8, but surprisingly there were not a lot left there, I think there was a size 14,12, and 18. I think I could wear these for my holiday this year, and no I'm not telling you where I'm going silly's !
This dress is absolutely gorgeous ! The rubbish picture quality was a result of my annoying little brother putting his sticky hands all over it ! But this is a long-ish dress that comes in burgundy and it's about knee length with sort of batwing sleeves I suppose, it's a real Hollywood style dress because it makes you feel floaty,light, and not to mention, glamorous ! As you can see it's from Dorothy Perkins ! For £17.50 I think in the sale ?
This is just a simple peter pan collared top from Primark it's in a size 8 but obviously there were more than one size ! It' quite sheer so you might want to wear a slip or something underneath so it doesn't well leave not a lot to the imagination if you know what I'm saying !:)

I like this bold print one from Primark again !:) It's lovely !
As I told you I got a candle so here it is and I'll put another another closer more in focus picture of the candle for you ! It smells rosey with a hint of citrus I think. And I bet your wondering what the heck is that package? Well, It's my mum's birthday in a fortnight and I got her a surprise so I just thought that you might want to see the packaging because it looks pretty !
And finally here's a close up of the packaging !

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