Saturday, 12 May 2012

How I style: A girly outfit with baby pink !....x

So us girls like a bit of pink, right ?! I know some of us don't admit it, but trust me, we do ! So girls, want to have a nice girly outfit with just a splash of pink? well here you shall find it ! I'll give you an outfit with the prices and shops I got it from and so on... So have fun my little blogsters.
To start off with this girly ensemble here are some fabric flower earrings to pair with this outfit. 
These are from ASOS.
Girly crochet top. I like it because it's kind of edgy in a sense, with the cut outs. I'm not sure if this is a crop top or not so feel free to check. This one's from Samya.
These are from Miss Selfridge. I must admit, they are not the cheapest colored jeans in the world, but I love the color. 
Simple ballet flats. classic. These are from New Look.

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