Sunday, 13 May 2012

How to have: The perfect nude nails !

So in my school,
They don't really like us wearing nail polish ! But I have a trick that will make them steam with rage ! What about making your nails look stunning, without a lot of color ?! Here's a nail polish that makes me smile on sunday ! So I hope you like this my little blogsters and enjoy !x

I chose a polish that has been highly recommended by a lot of bloggers, but I must say it's not the best of creamy polishes, because it takes a lot to dry ! And if you want some facts about it here you go !

  • Amount of coats : 3+ coats
  • Amount of top coat you need : 2 coats
  • Amount of time it takes to dry for each nail : 5+ mins
So it wasn't the best polish, and I don't like it really, because if I'm in a rush it just makes me late and it annoys me ! So here are some pictures of it !
I used O.P.I Nicole nail polish top coat plus: My grandma got me this when she went to America ! I think she got it in a drugstore I think you call it ?

And then I used Stay Perfect nail color pigment rich color in So Simple ! But I must say it isn't pigment rich for me :(. I got this from Boots for £7.00 I believe ?)
I'd give it a *** and a half out of ***** stars !


  1. It looks very thick, Is it? xx Molly xx

  2. Yeah it is, it needed like 3 coats of it !