Thursday, 24 May 2012

Kirsten Dunst: Get the look from the high street !

Hi my little blogsters !
So in my second last post, I talked about the billboard awards. But today I thought I would go with something slightly more classy called the Cannes film festival ! This festival is where, as a budding or famous director/writer , you can show your mini films to a lot of celebrities and critics to see if it is good or enjoyable enough to make it to the big screen. When I'm older I'd like to either watch the films in the Cannes festival, or make one that is included in it. It is also a good chance to get 'discovered' by a company who would like to buy the script off you. So enough about the Cannes festival let's talk about some of the make-up the stars were wearing, today I'm going to show you some items that I have handpicked, that I thought would look a lot like the look I have chosen. I have chosen Kirsten Dunst because for one, she doesn't care to much about her features and has not had any surgery on anything, And two she has an easy to re-create make-up look ! So I do hope you enjoy this and let's crack on shall we my little blogsters ??
Source: Look newsletter

Right so here you've got cherry colored lips, here's a lipstick that can help you get that pop of color !

So this is a kind of cherry color, and it's not the brightest color in the world, but it does emphasize your skin tone. This would be best with olive/dark skin I think in my opinion but as you can see it also works on pale skin too. this lipstick is in the shade 'tease' and is £8.00 from TOPSHOP. TOPSHOP's makeup range is lovely and is great if you don't want to spend too much on a lipstick.

FOUNDATION: Do you see it ? I love the shade she's wearing and think it matches her skin tone perfectly, what do you think of this look? Feel free to leave a comment below on why you do/don't like it. So the foundation I have chosen to show you is 'Miracle Touch' liguid illusion foundation. So basically what that means is that it makes you think your wearing liquid foundation, but in actual fact, your not. It's a powder from Boots and at the moment it is £9.99. My mum has this and she has the color 75 which is 'Golden'

So this is the mascara I have chosen, in the classic color black. I have this mascara and although it's not from a 'trendy' brand it gives me good results every application. This is well worth the money. It's for the in-expensive price of £2.49!
So this is a smokey eye pallette but you could use it as an individual shadow each. I think this is the perfect palette if you don't want a lot of  glitter in you smokey eye ! So this is in the color/shade 'Gothic Harlem'. This is £2.99 on sale and it is 3for2 on all eyeshadows in the NYC range I believe ? So yes, Buy it !

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