Monday, 28 May 2012

Look of the day: Floaty Vintage !

Hello my little blogsters !
Happy Monday to you all ! It's been kind of a rubbish day today, because all my exams had a little break between them ! I had three exams today, the 1st was interrupted by my pen running out of ink whilst I was half way through my letter I had to write ! And then my 2nd exam was cut short by a fire alarm, and the 3rd was quite a surprise to me, since I didn't know it was even on! So yes, I panicked. But anyway to end the day on a positive note I thought I would make an outfit for you all. So do enjoy this and I will talk to you all later. Now I know this isn't the kind of vintage you normally see but I like to call it floaty vintage since it has a girly touch and not just your average vintage style.
Micro Pleat Blouse
So first start off with what I like to call a 'pirate blouse' this is the kind of vintage top that you can pretty much pair with anything from jeans, to maxi skirts. This is from WAREHOUSE for £45 but you can get one a lot cheaper from basic places like Primark.
Classic Chinos
I loves me some ice cream pink chinos ! I love these because they are vintage, I believe they were from the 50's because they were worn by teens mostly, but sometimes daring girls would wear them. So this is just a twist on a classic ! These are from TOPSHOP.
Topshop VACATION Lace-up Brogues
Don't like the color ? Do not fear because they come in about 10 different colors to choose from ! So I do hope that you like these brogues because they are my faves x These are from TOPSHOP aswell.
Brown Pattern (Brown) Tan Canvas Gold Trim Satchel Bag | 251676129 | New Look
And to finish off this piece a lovely satchel ! I can tell you this is worth the money because I had it for school for a long time, but in the end it was so battered I had to recycle it ! This is from NewLook and it is £19.99. Bargain for what you're getting !

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