Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Look of the day : Rock 'n' roll chick look !

Hello my little blogsters,
so I was in my local shopping center and I saw these people with leather jackets that had been personalized with the name 'Sue' and 'Charlie' and I must admit they are not the most rock girl names but they sure looked it ! They had an edge to their outfit and you could tell that they had customised almost everything they were wearing because they were just made like a fashionista would wear them ! So I hope you enjoy this post and I'm looking forward to speaking to you all !
So to start off, to get the edgy look get a leather jacket on !
This one is from ASOS for £125 and yes I know they are not the cheapest things in the world but they do keep for a long time, another place to get them is ZARA I think ...
Right this is so cool ! I have discovered this and just thought it was a nice thing for  a rock'n'roll styled putfit ! Love it to bits, so nice with an edgy feel ! This is from a little shop called 'Own the runway' so here's the link for it and it's £19.99.
And then to finish it off, Converses and some pale wash jeans ! Get these jeans from NewLook and some converses, from well everywhere really !

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