Wednesday, 9 May 2012

MAC : My faves in the Hello Sailor collection !

Hello Everyone !
So I was shopping in MAC yesterday and saw the new collection called 'hello sailor' I'm not sure if it's a permanent collection or not so if you want to tell me about that just comment below ! They've got the usual products there like the lipglasses, and pigments etc.... but I like the colors in this collection, they are just very light and quite nice ! So here you go and I hope you like this post ! You are warned that MAC is not the most cheapest brand of make-up I think the cheapest product is £10 or so ?! Anyway I like their range !
This is an eyeshadow and I love it ! It's gold but the color is 'Jaunty' and the description is a light beige but I think it's a bit more of a goldish brown than a beige if i say so myself ! 
This is £12.50.
The MAC lipstick's are very popular in many countries because of their color and creamyness.
I personally love their lipsticks ! And I love the colors . The color above is called 'Sail la vie' which is a play on words of C'est la vie, which in french means that's life ! This is a coral red and I like it more than any of the other lipstick colors in the Hello Sailor range. This lipstick is £14.00.
This lipglass is nice ! But I do think it might be a BIT to steep for some lipgloss. I mean their are lots of brands that do that sort of color for half the price. BUT this is tinted, which means it gives you a bit of color, instead of just gloss. If you want to buy this it's £13.50 !

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