Wednesday, 30 May 2012

May Favorites !

Hello my little blogsters,
So today I thought that I would do my long awaited May favorites ! It's felt like forever since I've done my April one. But I have handpicked these lovely little items !:) There will not be a fashion favorite this month because I couldn't choose, it was to hard.So here we go no time to waste ! Heehee oh by the way I don't have the prices sorry :(. So enjoy everyone and I'll talk to you soon girls & boys.


Rimmel 'wake me up' foundation.
This foundation is just lush love it !
This is the 'wake me up' foundation by Rimmel London.
I have the shade 'soft beige' it's a kind of olive with a hint of orange just to look like you have a bit of a tan. It's good aswell because it's got SPF 15 in it so you don't have to wear sun cream if it's a mildly sunny day, you just have to wear this.
The logo is on the top and it's in my favorite color, ORANGE !

No7 calm & conceal concealer.
I can't tell you how well this works ! 
Let me talk you through it, on the left there's a clear liquid right? Well that's the blemish fixing thingy I don't know the scientific name for it sorry, so basically after you wash your face you put that on. And then you've got the concealer at the end which blends to your skin color perfectly :). LUSH !

Cath Kidston make-up bag

This make-up bag is so roomy for everything it's just very cool and I got it cheap in the sale because Cath Kidston is quite exoensive :L


Farren Batwing Cardigan
Chunky Knits = HEAVEN ON EARTH

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