Sunday, 13 May 2012

My Nail Polish Collection : My latest obsession !

Hi Everyone !
So Today I was wondering what I could do. I was in my room and just looking round for inspiration !
And then it hit me ! I have been really trying to get new nail polishes to review but have trouble finding colors I don't have ! So I thought I'd show you my nail polish collection! So enjoy my little blogsters ! And I'll talk to you lot soon.
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And hope you like reading my  blog !
So to start off, here is what I put all my nail polishes in. It comes in a set of two and I think you can buy them from B&Q. I bought mine about 2 years ago from there for under a £5 I think, you could paint these to give them a nicer feel or decorate them to you style. I put make-up in the second one and have painted that one in black, because black goes very well with hot pink !
So here's a view of the box from the end, and I categories the polishes, because to tell you the truth guys, I'm a neat freak ! If you want to know how I color code them here you go !
Glitters, and limited editions...
And here are the nail polishes themselves! Sorry if it looks a bit empty, I had to throw out some polishes because they had gone out of date, or spilled in my drawer ! If you look closely, you can see some white in the drawer where I have covered the spillage with white paper ! Note to self: Do not leave your favorite red nail polish open in your drawer !

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