Sunday, 6 May 2012

Slippers !

Hi everyone !
So I thought I could do slippers since it's a Sunday, and everyone relaxes on Sundays don't they? I'll do pyjamas next ! So I hope you like this post ! Some of these slippers might in fact be slipper styled shoes. So enjoy ! And have a lovely Sunday !xx
This is just the right thing ! 
They look vintage ! And I love them because I have a pair like these and they are supercomfy ! 
They are made of sheepskin and you just feel relaxed in them !
These are from Boden for £26.10
These are really cute ! They are perfect for a girly girl !
They are very comfy and they are bendable ! So you can just pop them in your bag if your going to sleep the night at someone's house !
These are from Presence for £7.00
These are called thong slippers !
Funny name ! But super comfy 
they are a bit like flip flops but in slipper style ! I had some pink ones not long ago and they lasted me 2 years ! These are from Forever 21 for £3.49 ! Told you it was inexpensive!
These are some thinner ones for summer really ! 
Because they don't have any fur on the inside, they are just some to wear around the house ! 
These are again from Forever 21 for £4.49

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