Monday, 7 May 2012

Sunglasses !

Hi Everyone !
Thought I'd do a sunglasses post ! Because I saw a lot of people starting to wear sunny's and thought it was a good thing to blog about. I'm going to mix it up with designers & high street sunglasses brands ! Hope you enjoy it !
Here are some plain sunglasses for a casual outfit ! Like a short dress or playsuit.
These are from M:UK for £10, or you can get exactly the same ones from H&M for £3.99!
Here are some ozzy styled party glasses ! You could wear these with a fringed top and some skinny jeans ! For a more rock'n'roll styled outfit. These are £5.99 I believe from H&M
These are some more vintage ones. I like these because you can have fun with them and experiment with new styles ! So these are from ASOS an they are £12! Bargain.


  1. Anonymous09 May, 2012

    the second pair of sun glasses are DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u dont no anything about fashion!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous09 May, 2012

    well i think they're fashionable i think its u that doesnt know anything about fashion!!!! this person had a lot of guts putting a blog up u might put this persons confidence level down!!!!

  3. Anonymous09 May, 2012

    they are great, love the sunglasses!!!!!!!!!! youve done a great job!!!!!!!!!! awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous09 May, 2012

    im sorry about the first comment i know i was wrong because the rest of your site is awesome so i hope i didnt hurt your feelings x

  5. Anonymous09 May, 2012

    i think that everyone has there onw opinion but it did take a lot of guts but some things are fashionble but maybe some things arent x

  6. Anonymous09 May, 2012

    I am REALLY sorry about the first comment, I know I was wrong because the rest of your site is AMAZING!!!!! I REALLY hope i did'nt hurt your feelings xx

  7. Anonymous09 May, 2012

    yh but the person who first put it shouldnt of couldve upset someone yh every one is entittled to there own opinion but this could of efected the person who made this blogs confidence level maybe the person who made this blogs confidence level is already low or it could possibly upset her

  8. Anonymous09 May, 2012

    i totally agree <3

  9. Hi ! It's alright everyone has their opinion as long as we don't say anything offensive x