Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wake me up Rimmel London foundation Review!x

I got a new foundation recently from boots, and I thought I love it so much I'd do a review about it! So here's a fact file and review !x Enjoy my little blogsters !
The Image is quite small, because I could not get the larger image on my laptop, but here is what it looks like. And it's £8.99, I think it's a permanent product from the Rimmel line.
To show you what color/tone I got here's a swatch I picked off the website...
I used soft beige, I have olive skin if you want to know.
My color was the only one on the display that was dark enough for me personally. This is quite cheap I suppose for a foundation. I like to use liquid foundations because I find my skin is quite pasty when I use a 2in1 foundation and powder. I just don't like how my skin looks with it on. This is a magnificent foundation for my skin because it leaves no streaks and covers blemishes better than any other one I've used, And I have a lot of spots. If you want to know how good it can cover, I have a scar on the left side of my nose, which was a spot but got worse over the years and has just stayed. I put this product on and it made the redness disappear! I am not joking at all!
All in all, I love this product and 5 stars for sure would go to it !
Nice job Rimmel ! Keep up the good work!

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