Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fake tan: How to do it the right way !

Hello my little blogsters !
I thought you would like it if I did a bit of a collage I suppose on which tans on celebrities I believe would look good as a summer glow on you and your friends. I've spotted all the celebs who have done it right and wrong, and really you don't need to be an expert to know when someone has over done their tan, I mean you can see that it's fake and to be honest, who ACTUALLY finds it attractive, not me !                                             
How to do it right:
Millie Mackintosh has a summer glow that 
every girl dies and longs for because it's
very natural and it doesn't draw attention
to the rest of your make-up because you don't 
want people to know that your wearing make-up
and go for a natural toned down look.

Tulisa Constavlos is a bit more tanned I must say but still doesn't go
over the top with this gorgeous brown color and it also goes very well with her hair color because sometimes you can get people who tan orange and then they have ginger or dark brown hair, and that just makes it look cheap and tacky.

How to do it wrong:
Katie Price is a perfect example of how wrong fake tan can look on your skin, now at the start in 2004, it was alright, a bit orange but we got on with our lives didn't we? But then she just become obsessed with how she looked and started having all sorts of plastic surgery done to her face which ruined her natural beauty. Now a lot of you might say now, but she didn't have very good looks, well think wrong every one has a beautiful person inside them and out, it just takes a special person to realise that. So anyway, yes she also had to much fake tan put on her, and to be honest and I know this is a horrible thing to say to her, but fake tan on sunbeds can really damage your skin and I'm surprised she hasn't got a skin disease of some kind after how much she's used a tanning bed. So yes a bit to orange for my liking. 

Chloe Sims. All you have to hear is that name and then you know who I'm talking about. The famous Chloe from the only way is Essex. Now where can I start ?
She was so beautiful before all the surgery she had and now she look like someone has inflated her teeth, put fat in her lips, and her boobs and her bum, don't even get me started on that. Her tan has shown Britain the stereotypical people that live in Essex and that they go into these professional and get tanned from head to toe with spray cans. But I do respect her, because in an earlier interview she did this year, she said she would 'never tell her daughter to go under the knife' because you wouldn't would you ? Your children are beautiful just the way they are and you've got to respect her for that since you'd probably think, oh she's going to tell her daughter it's ok to have surgery, when in reality, it damages & scars you. So that's a no on the whole tan front for her !

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