Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fashion Wars + technical difficulties !

Hello my little blogsters,
so I thought I would start off my half term blogging with a fashion wars ! I was looking through my twitter the other day and it said that someone had sent me something, so I checked and it was a picture of Kim Kardashian & Tyra Banks wearing the same coral dress ! So I thought I would post on it since it's a good thing to post about so yes I do hope you enjoy.

Oh yes, also I have made a fragrance review on a video that I was desperately trying to upload last night, but I have fixed the problem and it will be up on my blog at about 11.30am.
So here are the pictures, and Tyra was the first one to wear it in 2009, with Kim following in 2010. This does actually happen quite a lot in the fashion world, and it tends to be so hard to choose which one was best so that is why I chose this. I got this picture from profashionelle.com where it was found. So first the pro's and con's of this dress for Tyra.

Tyra : Pro's
  • Matches her skin tone well
  • Has Accesorised well with it pretty much
Tyra: Con's
  • Makes her figure look bigger than it is
  • Looks a size to big for her
  • Doesn't compliment her figure very well

And now for Kim's, then I'll announce the winner.
Kim: Pro's
  • Matches her skin color
  • The dress works well on her curves
Kim: Con's
  • Hasn't accesorised well
  • A bit to long for her figure
And the winner of this week's fashion wars is.....
She has done almost everything to make this possible for her.

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