Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Happy Birthday Khloe Kardashian Post !

Hello my little blogsters !
So since it's Khloe Kardashian's 28th birthday today I thought I would do a tribute post to her since she is a really inspiring woman really and I look up to her as an entrepeneur really. So here is a little double inspired look for you all Kardashian fans out there! I know I am x
The picture isn't very very clear but this is one of her classic kind of outfits. Sheer shirt, and a short high-waisted skirt with heels. Very important looking.
Kookai Dotted Sheer Frill Front Blouse, Black
This almost exact double is from Kookai and is £44.
Mina Metallic Check Skirt
This image was good because you could see  what it looked like with a sheer top.
This grey skirt is from Mina and it's £21.
New Look Black Strappy Block Heels
These are just some simple caged heels from New Look and they are a bargain at £15.00


So this is a casual look for Khloe and a very stylish one too if I must say.
EAST Unstructured Cardigan, Green

Yes I know it's an unstructured but it makes it a bit more looser and free-er, if that even makes any sense :)
This is EAST and it's £36 ,bit pricey !
Quiz White And Black Stripe Print Diamante Top
And then add a plain striped top. This one is about £12 from Quiz.

And then add some plain Jeans x

Hope you liked this x

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