Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hawaii Kawaii's giveaway !

Hello my little blogsters,
So today I was looking through 'jiji kiki' facebook page and I noticed that a blog called 'Hawaii Kawaii was having a giveaway on it. And they said you could get one extra entry for a blog post about it and it's partner for the giveaway, Jiji Kiki ! So here is what you could win !
Kawaii T-Shirt Giveaway Purple Kawaii Shop JiJi KiKi Kawaii Blog
Here are a list of the products and why I like them !
I like this top because it's just a really nice top that I could wear on holiday or with a cardigan over here in the UK. I would probably wear it with a black cardigan, my converse, and some denim jeans/ patterned leggings. I don't know what the original price is but clothing on Jiji Kiki is quite cheap for what your getting. You could also wear this with your pj bottoms as a pyjama top too.
This necklace is just Kawaii to a T ! You can wear this with casual, and actually dressy too. I would wear this to put a twist on a really glam white/black dress for just a kind of edgy twist, because I don't like wearing dresses much because they annoy me so much ! I don't like girly things and often love to give a twist on a classic. Unfortunately again with this item I don't know how much this is but I know that it is about £10.
This is an amazing product. This is by far my favorite thing in the whole giveaway. You can literally wear this with anything, because it's such an edgy item, because I just think you can wear it with Jeans, skirt, leggings, dresses. Absolutely everything.
I would probably give this to the little toddler that lives across the road because he likes colorful things and he's just moved in so it's just a nice little thing to add to your room. Very very lovely for children or if you used to live somewhere and this reminds you of it. It's a childhood memoir that will sometimes stay in people's memory and it'll just put a smile on your face to look at.

Hope you enjoyed, and feel free to enter this giveaway !

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