Saturday, 23 June 2012

Cosmopolitan review + free goodies !

Hello Everyone !
Today I thought I would do a review on the magazine I bought recently. It was quite expensive for a high street magazine £3.50 I think, I bought this in my grandma's local post office and I really like it. I've been experimenting with a lot of high-street magazines, and their will be a 'My top 3 high street magazines' post or video at the end of the month. So yes a short introduction for a medium sized post. It's also a freebie review. So yes, hope you likey x
Front cover + freebie sunglasses:
Front cover review:
So I like the front cover, it's very nicely colored with pink, orange, black & white. The headlines were not very appropriate though for my age group, some of the things were quite rude and explicit, So I just skipped those stories, and there are also some things that may upset younger readers such as the 'letter to my rapist' story which I didn't realise was so horribly written, very depressing and very scary really.

So I thought they looked really nice, but when I actually tried them on they didn't fit and the lenses could pop out, they looked a bit more like some dodgy movie cop to be honest, and made me look really silly. So yes they looked nice on my little brother, but not on me. They are pretty good quality actually it's just that my brother sat on them so no wonder they weren't up to full quality. And there are also 2 other glasses to pick up, the leopard print big ones, and then another pair I can't remember :L

Samples !
Here are the samples that came with the magazine, there was actually LOADS of product in the samples that I got and I am actually not going to use them until I fill up the tub of my samples. So yes, if you can't read them so far here they are.
(From bottom to top)
  • Pantene pro-v repair & protect for Normal-thick hair conditioner
This sample says what it does 'on the tin' basically and it's prefect for my hair because it's normal, not dry or anything, and also I've got long and thick hair, so yes PERFECT !


This is a perfume sample and it's really floral scent makes me just want to fall asleep. 
  • PALMER'S coco butter formula
I don't know what this does but I'm hoping to do a review on it soon !

Thanks for reading :)

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