Sunday, 24 June 2012

Kristen Stewart: Best & Worsts !

Hello Everyone,
 so I saw a very disturbing picture being taken of Kristen Stewart and I just thought I should try and prove that she does have some fashion sense in her. Kristen's the kind of girl who goes for edgy things and I just think it sometimes goes not how he planned. So first I'll show you her Best & worst outfits in my opinion and then I will tell you if I think she's best dressed or worst dresses. Simple ! If you think that I chose it wrong, please feel free to tweet me, email me, or comment below, thankyou and I hope you enjoy this post x

If the quality of this picture bugs you I'm sorry.
This is quite a girly styled day dress she wore whilst walking out of her hotel, she's styled it well with ankle boots and her hair down to the side. She has a beautiful head of her but she rarely let's it down, so yes this outfit deserves about ****1/2 out of *****. She's definitely thought of the colors and paired baby's and black. So yes definitely in the best dress category, off to a good start Kristen !

Kristen yet again always put an edge on things and this time she has decided to go with a pair of some leather leggings. Almost no one can pull leather bottoms off but Kristen has the legs for it, so why not ! She is also mocking the style a bit because she adds a floral vest and some sandals, so yes it goes it's just if other people want to try the look... So yes this gets *****/***** stars ! My favorite of her outfits so far !


I honestly think this is the ugliest thing in the world, I absolutely hate it ! She wore this to the opening of  her new movie 'Snow White & the huntsman'. The movie was amazing, because me and my friend Molly went to see it and we both loved it. But Kristen your better than this, I know your trying to stand out of the crowd but this just isn't working for you. It shows to much skin and her make-up looks messy, it doesn't suit her frame/ figure because she's better with curvy outfits but this is just straight down and there is nothing happening to it. She hasn't tried to accessorize this and the shoes don't go with the ensemble. * star out of ***** stars. Sorry Kristen, but this just isn't your finest hour.

Kristen Stewart Clothes

If it wasn't that tacky I would say that it was in best dressed but the colors don't match at all, it makes her look a bit skimpy to be honest and a bit 'tarty' she likes these kinds of dresses and they usually go well with her figure but this one is just a NO from me. the shoes are nice and the hair is beautiful  but the dress, ** stars out of ***** stars.


Well I think she has had her wardrobe malfunctions, A LOT but overall she's a very talented fashionista. I give her the ranking of.... Upcoming trender ! She's always ahead of the pack in most cases and well, she's just very beautiful, well done Kristen !

Thanks for reading my little blogsters x

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