Sunday, 24 June 2012

Lipsticks for summer !

Hello !
So we girls are all beginning to fill up our make-up bags for summer and well no girl can go wrong with a new lipstick for our summer holidays ! I thought it would be good to show you some lovely lip products for summer and the shades to by the collection in. I hope you like this since me and my mum went into boots yesterday and had a lovely look at all of them.
See you later x
I found this picture on a blog called she's a really good blogger and I've started reading her blog a lot recently, my first lip product for summer is No7 vital brights lipstick, you can get these from £10 at boots but probably cheaper somewhere else. But I must say the only down side is the packaging it's a bit old fashioned and tacky if I must say. Like those ones you find in your grandma's purse, but no matter the colors range from Hot pink's to dark magenta's.
And this is the color on the ladies lips, and don't worry due to copyright I will send her a message saying that I've used her pictures and such, if there is a problem I will take them off x
My next pick is these lovely little ladies. Clinique's new chubby sticks. They are like lip stains because they don't give you massive color but they are lovely and my Aunty has one and they are pretty cool. they are about a £5 on ebay but I think they are about £8 in boots, I'm not quite sure :L
These are some of the colors you can choose from and as you can see they are mostly red's and pink's with the odd dark color. They are quite new in the UK so it's nice to have something new over here.
Apparently these are very similar to the revlon lip butters that I have, but they say they are a bit more moist and have more color, I don't know if they cost more or less, but you never know you might see a review on these in the future x

So those were my lip products for summer and well I hope this has urged you to go out and get a new lips product for yourself, g'wan treat yourself it's summer for heaven's sake!

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