Monday, 25 June 2012

Mascaras I use !

Hello my little blogsters !
So I thought I might do a post on what mascara's I use and where to buy them from, then in a future post I will do a mascara review. So yes, a short introduction today because I couldn't think of a lot to write. I know, WRITER'S BLOCK ! any who have fun reading this post x
So this is my 'going out' mascara which I don't use as often as all of my other ones, but it's still quite good and it doesn't take that long to get off and on. The only problem I have with it is it doesn't really give me a lot of volume on my lashes when I put it on, it just lengthens them a teensy bit more, and I don't want a teensy I want a lot since I've got quite short lashes which is not good.
Under £10 from Boots.
This is the one I use on holiday since I hate going into the pool without make-up because I just look washed out and I hate it. So this is good for staying on as long as you don't have a lot of it on, because I know a lot of people who just put layers and layers of 'smack' on so that they look fabulous, but they just look tacky to be honest, anyway I think that this is one of my favorite waterproof's I've tried.
Under £7 at Boots.
So this is my favorite mascara in the world. I bought it online and it was £3.50, bargain beyond my life I think. When I put this on it just looks natural but totally lengthen your lashes and also takes under 5 minutes to take off. You can't get this in high street shops anymore I don't think but you can buy it on discount online shops which is where I got mine from, I can't remember which one though.
Under £5 at anywhere you can find it.

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