Saturday, 9 June 2012

Nougat London Shimmering Body Dust: My thoughts !

Hello my little blogsters !
So today my mum's lovely friend Jayne gave me some beauty samples so that's what I will be blogging about in the next couple of days/ week. So she showed me this and I just loved it, although there is not a lot of product in it I find, so I'm just going to use the powder puff, but it is still really nice. By the way I think this was the sample so yeah, hope you like it x
So this is what the sample jar looks like, and all you get is some sparkles at the bottom which is meant to give you a 'radiant glow' on your cheeks and highlight your skin tone. So yes overall impression, nice packaging.
This is the top. I love this woman and it gives it a french style product theme to it, because I went to some cafe's in Paris and there were paintings of lady's getting ready and also picking a dress, it's just a nice girly side to a landmark city.
Here's some pictures of the powder puff & the inside of the little pot, when I finish this product I'm going to use the pot to put my earrings and bracelets in.

  • Nice packaging with a really girly side to it
  • Cute little puffer, which is great at applying the product
  • Not a lot of product
  • Doesn't work well on pale skin
I am overall happy with this product and would buy it if I knew where to get it.

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