Sunday, 17 June 2012

Primark's new collection: My bests & worsts

So I was reading LOOK magazine and saw that they had done a post on primark's new collection, Soooooo I thought I would do my bests & worsts in the collection. I shop in Primark quite a lot and find loads of gems in there, such as blazers and such. I come back with a smile on my face because I usually buy a whole wardrobe of clothes when I go ! So do enjoy x

So here are my best:
Primark AW12 Pink Jacket, £15
Primark AW12 Studded Slipper, £12Primark AW12 Metal Tip Top, £6

Primark AW12 Bright Weave Ankle Boot, £20
All of these were under the price of £20! Bargain I say.
Now for my worsts:

Primark AW12 Beaded Collar Cut Out Blouse, £12
Primark AW12 Contrast Tote, £8

Primark AW12 Glitter Boots
Hope you enjoyed this !x

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