Friday, 8 June 2012

Roamkix : the place to go for vintage couture !

Hello my little blogsters,
I couldn't blog yesterday because I was on my Ipad, and whilst I was blogging it decided to completely turn off and not give me any wi-fi all day ! So yes that was a bit frustrating, but no matter because I am back with a whole new topic. So I was looking for some vintage boutiques to have a look at, because I love vintage clothes and jewelry, I just recently bought a dress in a charity shop, which was I believe one of the first dresses that Laura Ashley made for it's company in wales. It was far to big for me since it was a size 16 and I'm a size 6, so it was a bit of a no brainer that I was going to have to use it as material, but instead I've decided to turn it into a skirt. Anyway, yes I discovered Roamkix which sell mostly one of the kind vintage clothes, although they sometimes make new clothes, but mostly vintage. So I guess I'll show you some of my favorite pieces and more info for you all. Enjoy and sorry that it was a long intro :)
Vintage Blue Fine Stripe Dress

So the first item that caught my eye was this denim styled dress and I think it's a bit pricey but you could style this for day and night, this fits the size medium I think and it's £30.00 and I think you are getting your money's worth since it's quite a casual item and you could wear this round the house really or when you and your friend are just going out for a casual do down at the pub or anything ! There are endless combinations for this little beauty of a dress.
Vintage Floral Quilted Waistcoat
I just love this, I might give you one more, I thought I'd show you the back aswell because I love the pattern, it's cool and I think it's 80's because my mum had one of these when she was growing up. This is £15 and is size M, unfortunately I'm not medium so it won't fit me :(.
Vintage Pink Pleated Midi Skirt
You can never go wrong with pink & pleats. This is just amazing because it is really simple yet really creative here are some things you could wear with it.
  • Short sleeved tees
  • fringed tops
  • Denim waistcoats
  • Denim Jackets
  • Never ending ....
Thanks for reading guys x

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