Saturday, 21 July 2012

A bit of a haul + review :)

Hi everyone, 
So I went for a birthday treat with my god mother pat to a shopping center because instead of her either jut giving me money or buying it without me knowing what it is, she said she'd give me £45 to spend. Which was good since I needed a new bag and some new shoes. I had a bit of a moment of pink today so basically the 2 things I bought (and the 2 tops I convinced Pat to buy) were pink, every color of the pink chart. So here are the things I've bought, and if you follow me on twitter you probably know I tweeted that I got some pink flatforms so that's the first item below.
Have a happy Saturday and I'll talk to you soon x

As you can see, they were £20 in the non sale department. I don't know if that's just me but that's really cheap for what your getting. I have tinsy feet so I got them in a size 3, but in the shop they actually go up to a size 8 I think. I got these from river Island and they were one of 3 colors in the range (black, white, pink). I wanted some really comfy shoes I could walk around in since I was in desperate need of some shoes anyway and might aswell get some attractive ones. They are quite high, and since I'm short too that was a bonus. They also have a padding in the shoe so it's like your walking with two pillows strapped on to your feet. I'm excited to wear them with shorts/ a maxi skirt/ or some leggings !

I got this adorable bag from Laura Ashley and it was down from £46 originally to £13.Now I don't usually buy things from Laura Ashley since it's a bit too 'Granny style' for me. But when I walked in to the shop and I saw this bag on display I swooned ! I love the pattern because it's so girly and floral. I mean every girl needs some floral in their life now and then ! I also needed a new satchel but didn't want to go for a boring old leather plain one that everyone has. Instead, I got a patterned one. The strap is like a handbag strap, so It's not mega long but it works for me. I'll probably use this as a school bag maybe, but for the mean time in the summer holidays, I'll just stick with it for a day bag.

Thanks for reading x


  1. I really want some flatforms - and those are the coolest! xx

  2. Haha, yes they are:) They also come in black and white so if you don't like pink there is always those xx

  3. Omg! Anna chose shoes are gorgeous.. where are they from! They are like creepers in a way.. but in a trainer way, if you get me :/?
    And they are well worth the money BARGIN!
    Also the bag you bought was really cute too! And i think you should keep shopping for light pastel things because you have olive skin so it goes with lighter colours!
    pleas check out me and my friends blog: thankyou <3