Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Bargain you say...?

Hello my little blogsters,
So you might of remembered my 'style magazine review' where I featured a dip-dyed jumper from Miss Selfridge which I admit, wasn't the cheapest jumper at £35. And I wasn't entirely sure if i'd like it since I like the more knitted heavier type of jumper instead of light. And so I thought I'd show you another jumper that I like more and how I found it. 
Hope you enjoy this :)

Sorry the video is so small, I didn't want to make it too big and you can make it full screen if that will make you feel better.
She talks about the jumper at 5:27 so if you want to check out how it looks then go check it out !

So this is the jumper I first sighted in the 'style magazine review' post.
So as you can see it's really light, but the colors are really strong and you can see how it fades into a hot pink or magenta color. I really liked this and thought it would be good as a lightweight for travel, but at a pricey £35 I had my doubts about it, as you would if you didn't want to spend a lot on clothes at the moment if you were saving up. The other thing I didn't like about it was the neck shape, it's a bit too odd for my liking as I don't like wide necks. 

Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Spacedye Jumper
And this is the jumper I fell in absolute LOVE with. The picture on the site doesn't do it justice at all, it looks a bit frumpy and to be honest doesn't suit what the model is wearing at all. I liked the look of this since it looked a bit more thicker and would be good for autumn. But since the weather in the U.K at the moment is a bit rubbish, I've been keen to get this to wear for the rubbish and pooey weather. It's been rain rain rain in our part of wales and that's what everyone would expect really, oh sunny wales! Anyway the top looks a bit violet but in fact it's actually grey which fades slowly into a coral pink. I was absolutely astonished when I found out that it was down from £42.00 to £20.00, but then they went even FURTHER and it's now £12.50! this has made me love this even more and it's the kind of price you would get in Primark. I would wear this with some black skinnies. 

The lovely lady I found the video from was a person name Style Suzi. She's a beauty guru that I love because not only is she great, but she is the soul purpose I decided to do this and I am thankful to her for that. She blogs quite often, but doesn't do them long. And she uploads amazing videos and her youtube which I will link down below. Her eyes are gorgeous and she's a beautiful person. So here are the links to find her and I hope you like her as much as I do.

TWITTER: @stylesuzi

Thanks for reading and I hope you check Suzi's links out x

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