Thursday, 5 July 2012

daisydoes the best quirky jewelry in the land...

Hello my little blogsters,
I was emailing a lovely woman who followed me on twitter called daisy to ask if she could give me something to feature in my giveaway, sadly her business has only been up and running for 10 months and she couldn't give me anything for the giveaway, but she was really lovely and said that she could give me a discount code for me and all of you to use for her little shop she's got. So I thought I would do also my favorites in the shop, and a little review of my favorite :).
Enjoy !
Discount Code: FASHIONNERD
Images are all from Daisy does, I'm not the owner of any of these images
Casino queen charm bracelet - Click Image to Close 
As you can see, you can all see why it's called quirky. This jewelry shop supplies quirky and unique pieces that are HANDMADE and sent out to you, and plus they are at a fraction of the price people on the high-street expect you to give for a handmade charm bracelet, in fact I did some research and a shop exactly like this one and I won't tell you all what the name was, but they were selling a bracelet with almost the same amount of charms but for about double the price ! And personally I think this one is a bit more to my taste. So this is called the 'Casino queen charm bracelet' and it's really cheap at £12. So yes this is my 1st favorite.
Cinderella necklace - Click Image to Close
So my next favorite is this 'Cinderella Necklace' and it's basically a red carriage and a red glass slipper tied onto the bottom of it. I really like the color scheme of this and how the amberish-gold matches the dark reds, it's a really autumn seasoned necklace I think. You could wear this with a black dress or a white dress, or if you want to go a bit more casual, some skinny jeans and a white or beige top. Daisy's detailing on the charms is amazing and I love the wheels on it. If you want to buy this it's awesomely cheap at £6.00.
Mirror mirror necklace - Click Image to Close
This is actually probably my favorite of her necklace range, you've probably noticed by now but I am a huge fan of fairy tale themed things. Ever since I was little I used to watch Disney films like Beauty and the beast, Snow white & the seven dwarfs, things like that and I always wanted to be the princesses because they were so happy and they could sing and they wore these beautiful dresses and they were so pretty ! So this brings back a couple childhood memories. I like how the two mirrors are colored differently, and the little gem in the middle. It's colored in quite a winter scheme because of the silver and baby pinks. This is also only £6.

So overall I love the products on this site and will definitely buy from this store. 
Thanks for reading guy and please use the code above x

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