Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Style Magazine Review !

Hello my little blogsters,
On Sunday it's a tradition for my Dad to get the newspaper so he can read something whilst he puts his feet up and drinks tea like any other dad would do on a Sunday, my Dad works really hard so I don't moan when he sits down every so often. My mum also works really hard too, so she does the same thing with a newspaper and some tea too. But the problem with the newspaper is that until last weekend my dad always bought the Daily Mirror with the Sunday magazine 'celebs' in it, but my mum prefers broadsheets to tabloids, so dad buys the Times now on Sunday as apposed to the Daily Mirror. When he first got it I wanted to shout at him, since I didn't think that a newspaper like the sun would have a decent fashion magazine that I could read, since when I last tried to read the Times itself, I almost fell asleep. And don't get me wrong, I'm sure the Times is a very interesting newspaper, but a 12 year old going on 13, even with a big vocabulary would not understand quite a lot of the words that were included with it. So here I am giving a review on the Times's sunday Fashion magazine 'STYLE'. 
So this is what the one we bought looked like. The date on it is the 1st July, so it's only 3 days old. My first impression was that it looked a bit like it wasn't going to have anything decent in it, because it had a very misleading cover that lead me to think it was a fashion magazine for people that weren't in there under 20's, and since that it had a bit of a boring sleepy cover scheme, with nothing really on it besides 1 picture and 2 story's on the front. So my love of this cover is not very big or high at all to be honest.

And then as I read on from that, I was astonished what was in here, and I must say this is so much better than 'celebs' ! I am really looking forward to reading next weeks. Some of my favorite pieces were the Hot List, which consisted of lots of ombre/dip dyed pieces of clothing and my absolute favorite was this sweatshirt for £35 in Miss Selfridge, it's quite expensive, but hopefully with my birthday money I can get it.
I'm craving pink for some reason at the moment, so this is a perfect summer wardrobe piece for me because it's light and very easy to pair. I'd probably pair this with a fringed satchel and some acid washed ripped denim blue shorts and my hair up in a messy bun. 

I also loved the UPDATE wear it section where they would get 1 accessory ( in this issue they went for a fedora ) and they would style it 3 ways, which is really original I must say ! Then my all time favorite was the fashion shoot titled 'Take me to the beach' where they modeled some serious designers on amazing backgrounds, it was amazingly photographed by a woman who I am applauding greatly called Jane McLeish Kelsey which is a very long name if I must say so myself . So overall this is an amazing magazine and they piece every detail together very well and I will be wanting to read this again and again. This is definitely better than 'celebs' because they were conning us sometimes saying there was seven pages when there would really be 6 and an add or something. But with the Times you literally get a whole magazine of fashion and style.

My only no no is that they put some stuff that people can't afford such as a hat that costs over £200, which I think is extortionate by the way, the price I pay for hats is only about £10 at the most ! So yes they could put some cheaper things in there but overall I'm really happy with the magazine !

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment x

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