Thursday, 12 July 2012

Zara sale favorites !

Zara sale favorites !
Hello my little blogsters,
today I thought I would do a zara sale must haves post ! I haven't done a sales post in quite a while, and I love Zara so I thought it would be a good idea for me to do this. So the items I have chosen are basically quite light things for summer, and I will tell you below what you can wear them with and how much they are. I like doing these kind of posts since I enjoy them and you get to see my opinion of things on the high street. Enjoy and I'll talk to you soon x

Yellow high necked dress: I would probably wear this, and I know this isn't to everyone's taste but I thought you could wear a jumper over this. And the sales price is £25.99 down from £39.99.

Black maxi skirt: I would wear this with a chunky knit or a short sleeved shirt with a vintage logo and it tucked in into the top. The sales price is £19.99 down from £29.99.

Scarf print collared shirt: This is definitely a marmite item in my eyes since some of my friends hate it, and think it's to old fashioned for it to fit into this season's 'vogue list' as I call it, but not so my dearies it shows tons of character by making each pattern different on places and I would wear this shirt with some shocking pink jeans and some hiker styled boots to seal the deal. The sales price is £19.99 down from £39.99.

Aztec print sandals: I like these very much, I don't normally go for that kind of sandal but this just has something that reels me towards it. A must buy in my opinion. £19.99 down from £39.99.

Emerald multi-coloured clutch: I don't like flashy wallets a lot because I think they draw to much attention away from the actual dress/outfit but this one has been made wisely, the main colour is green, but they've sneaked a bit of bling into it by adding gems. £15.99 down from £29.99.

Hope you enjoyed this nice little post x

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