Friday, 31 August 2012

A little challenge...(I accept)

Why hello :-)
I saw this 'tag' on and thought it was a great idea, so Miss beauty mix, if your reading this, I hope this tag because I don't stealing original ideas. But anyway it's basically really simple, over the space of 10 days, you answer the questions on the pictures. Simple! (squeak)

1.) My first language is English, because my dad's English and comes from the north, but for all you 'welshies' out there if it makes you feel better, I am completely and utterly fluent in welsh.
2.) half of the time I write about fashion and make-up I'm usually in my pj's drinking tea and watching friends.
3.) I'm very odd. I put everything in alphabetical order
4.) I want a British bull dog, called Mr.Chuckles
5.) I don't eat tuna anymore because I had food poisoning in York because of it.
6.) I love watching cartoons with my little brother, who's eight so our genre varies between ben 10 and chowder.
7.) I've convinced my brother that watching friends is good for you
8.) I have a secret obsession with Aaroon Johnson and Jude Law's films.
9.) When I'm bored I paint my nails different colours (including my toes)
10.) I'm VERY sensitive, like crazy actually :L

Thanks for reading x


  1. I feel you girl! hehe i am very very sensitive too! :D

    anyways.. saw you from the bbu hop. :)
    i followed you and maybe you can follow me also. ♥ TIA!

    1. Hey I followed you back :-) And I'm glad someone feels the same!